implementing netstock in your business

Optimizing your inventory is important to us 


NETSTOCK’s onboarding process ensures that your data is configured for your environment and that the app is installed as quickly as possible so you can start to place orders and improve your inventory performance. 

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Your onboarding process


Appointing a custodian is vital. 

Ensure quicker adoption, wider acceptance across your team and better outcomes for your business.

The custodian takes full ownership of the implementation, drives the team’s morale and engagement with the app and helps to complete the online training. 

Successful custodians will:

Motivate the app users Element #2
Monitor the user progress Element #2
Set inventory KPIs Element #2
Provide top exceptions Element #2
Connect with various divisions Element #2
Hold users accountable Element #2

NETSTOCK five step process

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What app users are saying about our onboarding

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Make better inventory decisions with NETSTOCK


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